Playable spaces is an archive of work I am undertaking as part of my role as Producer Curator at the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), Glasgow. Often these are personal reflections on my work done within the gallery institution. I have found this a useful way to reflect on work as it is happening but also archive my thoughts, as an artist pointed out recently ‘A Commonplace Book’.

I also blog on the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) blog and this is more regular and connected to the programming I am undertaking there as Producer Curator.

Playable Spaces grew of a programme of events, exhibitions and presentations to recognise play and creativity as something that happens in all the cracks and gaps of day-to-day life and in all the opportunities children and adults can carve out for themselves. I am beginning to understand that a lot of my work happens in the gaps and cracks of curatorial and education fields and how I enjoy that.

For more details on the exhibitions, programmes and projects that I have been doing please scroll through the notes from the archives and programmes and projects section of this blog.

If you would like to contact me

Katie Bruce

Producer Curator

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